It All Starts with Land

Avenue 31 adds value to under-utilized land, whether it’s vacant or occupied by buildings that don’t represent the highest and best value. We buy land outright but will also lease or partner with landowners. Our current land development projects have resulted from all three means of acquisition with both private and public sector landowners.

Lasting Developments

Guided by the highest level of integrity, we assemble the best development professionals for each land opportunity we take on and challenge ourselves to create a lasting, sustainable and profitable development that all stakeholders can take pride in.

Customized Partnership

Every parcel of land is different, presenting its own opportunities and challenges, and each ownership group — including families, limited partnerships, and joint ventures — often has varied and conflicting needs even among themselves. The one goal that all landowners strive for is to maximize the value of their land. We create efficient partnership structures that capitalize on the opportunities that the land offers while meeting the challenges and the needs of the owners. Our structures are innovative and fair for all, and they work.

Owner Needs

Our partnership solutions address many owner needs, including:

Income tax liability

Cash calls and/or lack of capital

Liquidity needs

Management fatigue

Life transitions

Portfolio diversification

Limited growth

Joint ownership challenges

Lack of development expertise

Let’s Talk

We partner with public and private landowners to create long-term income by developing their land.
Please contact us if:

You’re a landowner who has been searching for the right group to enhance the value and the returns from your land.

You’re a trusted advisor — like an accountant, lawyer, or business partner — to a family that needs capital or expertise to enhance the value of returns from their land.

You’re a real estate professional or a design professional involved with an owner who might be interested in having a development partner.

You work for a public sector organization or non-profit organization that is looking to generate long term revenue from land.

Case Studies

We’re not just developers — we’re problem-solvers and value-add partners. Explore our case studies to learn about our approach. We partner with public and private landowners to create long-term income by developing their land.