Auto-wa or pedestrian’s paradise? City ranks LRT stations by walkability

Rideau station most walkable, while Tremblay will require wheels [ ... ]

What Cities Really Need to Attract Entrepreneurs, According to Entrepreneurs

What really attracts innovative entrepreneurs who create these economy-boosting companies? [ ... ]

Ottawa’s first zero-waste grocery store officially opens

Nu Grocery customers bring their own containers or borrow or purchase reusable ones [ ... ]

Towering ambitions

How advocates and planners are rethinking high-rise tower neighbourhoods [ ... ]

O-Train Confederation Line’s iconic stations

State-of-the-art design and distinctive public art [ ... ]

Updating Toronto’s Architecture Bible

“Younger people here are seeing the beauty and genius in what Toronto is.” [ ... ]

Toronto wants its high-rises to be better places to raise kids

The Quest to Make Vertical Living Family-Friendly [ ... ]

The Value of a City’s ‘StreetScore’

An ongoing project from MIT uses an algorithm to predict the safety of streets, helping researchers and urban planners better understand cities. [ ... ]

Highway art: The Bentway defines the next wave of urban public spaces

Can people enjoy spending time under a busy expressway? [ ... ]

When It Comes to Skills and Talent, Size Matters

Bigger metros are drawing a larger share of higher-skill workers, especially in industries that require more education. [ ... ]

Judge grants injunction in fight against Chelsea plan to convert tracks to bike trail

Residents are battling over a plan to convert the line to a bike trail. What are your thoughts? [ ... ]

Vienna Makes Peace With Its Trash

The famously clean Austrian city boasts one of the world’s most innovative waste processing systems. [ ... ]

Wellington West diner sees opening in patio war

Share your thoughts on one of the longest patio wars in the city’s history. [ ... ]

Life On Track: How LRT will change Ottawa

What will LRT do to property values, established neighbourhoods, and the vibe of downtown? [ ... ]

Creating a Better Community Through Text Messages

How technology is used to engage the residents in the planning process [ ... ]

Are you ready for Glow Yoga with Nigel Walker?

Great Ottawa Life Magazine article by Victoria Brown. [ ... ]

AVE31 Neighbourhood Spotlight – Wellington West, Ottawa

The Wellington West Business Improvement Area (WWBIA), includes the popular neighbourhoods of Hintonburg and Wellington Village. [ ... ]

Bank Street (Avenue31) Then and Now

Check out how CBC’s Paul Cote Jay puts Ottawa’s growth in perspective with some rad photo sliders! [ ... ]

Welcome to Avenue31!

Let's celebrate, investigate and share the story of our city. We invite you to discuss its authenticity and the unique characteristics of our urban villages. [ ... ]

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