Camino Inland Port at Long Sault


Address: 250 Moulinette Road, Ingleside, ON, Canada
Type: Industrial and Rail
Year Built: Coming Soon

North America’s rail network is positioned to play
a significant role in addressing the deficiencies and
capacity constraints that currently exist in Canadian
supply chain systems.
Congestion at North American seaports has created
supply chain bottlenecks resulting in costs and delays
impacting major shippers, carriers and logistics firms
and their clients. Distribution by rail can alleviate
these capacity issues.
Camino was established for the purpose of developing
and operating a series of new rail yards and storage/
logistics facilities complete with multimodal logistics
infrastructure. The goal is to create a series of “inland
The first inland port will be located at Long Sault,

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Camino LVS Inc. (“Camino”) was established in 2021 by Avenue 31 Capital Inc.
for the purposes of developing and operating inland port and rail facilities
including multimodal logistics infrastructure. The mission is to become the preferred way for global companies to move their goods throughout North
America in the safest, most efficient, and sustainable manner possible through the development of a network of “inland ports”.
Camino is building a team of rail specialists to compliment Avenue 31’s real estate development

expertise and establish the requisite skill set to design,
build, and operate inland ports along class 1 railroads.
Camino has identified and is in various stages of acquiring sites across Canada for the purpose of establishing a series of new inland ports.


250 Moulinette Road, Ingleside, ON, Canada

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