New Website Ave31 Ottawa

Welcome to Avenue 31

Great land. Great people. Great development. And a great new website!

As time moves forward, needs change, businesses evolve and we’re proud of how our team has grown to continue helping our clients with their real estate needs in a changing world. We are problem solvers and your value-add partner when it comes to lasting land development.

Our mission remains true – Avenue 31 partners with public and private landowners to create long-term income by developing their land from large-scale logistics and industrial properties, transit-centric residential development, and intermodal rail yard infrastructure and services. Our target business streams address many of the drivers that are shifting the way we organize our cities, specifically the movement of goods and people.

Once again, we’ve partnered with TRUEdotDESIGN whose talented team of designers and website experts helped us develop a beautiful new site representative of who we are and what we do – it was a pleasure working with them again. They understood our vision and were able to translate that into a website that we’re so proud of. An extension of that marketing partnership includes photography. We owe a special thank you to Miv Fournier of Miv Photography, for the video and many of the photographs used throughout the site.

Have a look around! Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram – we can’t wait to share with you all the exciting development projects we’re working on.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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