Project Development

Avenue 31’s development approach is ethical, innovative, and critical to the sustainable future of cities. We are a real estate company that invests in communities to create value and growth for you and future generations, and you can trust our team of experts to build and reshape more livable and economically viable cities. Our focus is on revitalizing downtown neighbourhoods and celebrating the unique character of urban villages. We create economic and social vibrancy in living and business environments, and our development projects generate returns for investors by renewing and developing underutilized properties. With best-in-class building partners, we help create long-term income streams with a property portfolio diversified by geography and asset class. Finally, we stand apart from others with a unique marketplace characteristic: all our properties are new.
No one else can say that.

Our Real Estate Development Property Classes

Logistics and Warehousing

Avenue 31 is pursuing sites on the edges of cities off provincial highways for the development of large e-commerce logistical and warehousing facilities. Because e-commerce companies have massively transformed the movement and delivery of consumer goods, this development trend has taken off across North America. Today, logistics companies are seeing rapid changes to their physical space and technological capacities.

Small to Midsize Infill Development Sites

Our second property class focuses on small to midsize infill residential sites in the hearts of cities, neighbourhoods, and villages across Canada. As a result of aging demographics, past building cycles, intensification, the movement of goods, and investment in public transit, our cities are experiencing widespread transformation and redevelopment, and Avenue 31 is well-positioned to take advantage of this promising trend.

Transit-Oriented Development Sites at Existing or Planned Stations

Avenue 31 is pursuing big, small, residential, and mixed-use development sites located at existing or planned public transit stations in Canadian cities. We’re taking advantage of massive public investments in rapid transit infrastructure that are expected to continue well into the future.

Investor Opportunities

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