About Us

Avenue 31 is a syndicate of shareholders interested in creating and growing a real estate brand that generates long-term cashflow from innovative real estate developments across Canada.

Everything in real estate starts with land. We look for land opportunities that are unique or overlooked by the market. As our logo suggests, we pick under-utilized urban “squares” and try to connect as many “dots” as possible, ensuring that all of our developments achieve the highest value for all stakeholders. We challenge ourselves and our team throughout the entire development process by drawing on the knowledge and relationships that exist in our syndicate—all with the intention of creating long-term value for our shareholders and the communities where we choose to develop.

Why the name “Avenue 31?”

The company was named after one of Ottawa’s most important streets—Bank—which many maps call “Regional Road 31” or “Highway 31” as it stretches beyond city limits. Locally, Bank Street is seen as the street that divides the city’s eastern and western regions. It’s one of Ottawa’s longest streets, extending from the Ottawa River to the St. Lawrence Seaway in Morrisburg. The word “Avenue” was selected because it’s bilingual, which is important for a development company that got its start in the Nation’s Capital. Plus, “Avenue” means “a way of approaching a problem or making progress toward something.” We like to think that Avenue 31 will bring progress to cities one street and project at a time.


  • Incorporated the Company
  • Opened first office at 222 Somerset Street West
  • Completed First Round of Equity Financing
  • First Board of Directors Meeting
  • Signed conditional offer to lease with National Capital Commission for 99 acres at Hunt Club Road Interchange
  • Closed the company’s first land transaction on Boundary Road for the development of a truck transport terminal for a national trucking company
  • Received approval from the Governor in Council of the Federal Government for the National Capital Business Park
  • Closed the company’s second land transaction at Boundary  Road/Thunder Road
  • Annual General Meeting; appointed two new directors
  • Completed Second Round of Equity Financing
  • Executed long term ground lease with the National Capital Commission for the development of the National Capital Business Park
  • Secured 680-acre of industrial in Long Sault, along Highway 401, for the development of a transmodal logistics village
  • Obtained federal land use, design and transaction approval  (FLUDTA) for the National Capital Business Park masterplan

Investor Opportunities

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