Joint Venture Long Sault Case Study by Ave31 Ottawa


Long Sault Logistics Village is approximately 680 acres of industrial zoned land located at Highway 401 and Moulinette Road in Cornwall, Ontario, initially secured by way of a long-term option-to-purchase agreement.



The Long Sault Logistics Village opportunity arose when Avenue 31 learned that this large site was for sale by a local entrepreneur who was looking to monetize the land after having assembled it over several years. The property had been marketed off and on, and while it had generated some interest from potential buyers, it lacked a real vision and understanding of what the site could become. The size of the property, its heavy industrial zoning, its significant frontage on Highway 401 and over three kilometres of direct frontage on CN’s mainline through Eastern Canada, as well as its proximity to the St. Lawrence Seaway presents an exciting development opportunity for the right users.



The option to purchase provided the vendor with a source of revenue and an experienced industrial developer to create a viable and innovative master plan for this strategically located site. Avenue 31 joined forces with Canadian Rail Equipment and Services Inc. (CREWS) to combine their competencies in rail yard design, construction, and operations with our competencies in industrial land and building development, creating a new company, Camino Logistics Villages and Services (Camino LVS Inc.), to develop a multi-modal logistics village at the site. The goal of this joint venture is to develop a project capable of attracting national and global logistics companies that want to take advantage of the project’s location at the centre of major markets in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. With access to several border crossings to the US. Long Sault Logistics Village will be a model facility with the potential to be replicated throughout North America where rail, highway, and maritime transportation corridors intersect. Construction is expected to begin in 2022, and will accommodate between four and five million square feet of industrial space and approximately 150 acres of rail yard infrastructure to be operated by Camino LVS Inc.

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“Canadian Rail Equipment Works & Services Inc. (“CREWS”) is pleased to be a part of a joint venture with Avenue 31 Capital Inc. to develop and operate multi-modal logistics villages, much needed infrastructure to increase the fluidity of the movements of goods in Canada. We chose to partner with Avenue 31 because of their ability to recognize and take advantage of major industry trends that other developers are not.  In combining our competencies in rail yard design, construction and operations with Avenue 31’s competencies in land and building development we are making the Long Sault Village the first of many successful logistics villages across Canada to be executed by our joint venture company, Camino LVS GP Inc.”

Clayton Jones, President of Canadian Rail Equipment Works & Services Inc.

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